Types of Honey


Natural Honey

S.No. Honey Type
1. Wild Forest Honey
2. Black Forest Honey
3. Himalayan Multi-flora Honey
4. Sidr Honey
5. Litchi Honey
6. Jamun Honey
7. Tulsi Honey
8. Shisham Honey
9. Eucalyptus Honey
10. Ajwain Honey
11. Sunflower Honey
12. Mustard Honey
13. Clover Honey
14. Rajasthani Acacia Honey
15. Kashmiri Acacia Honey
16. Fennel Honey
17. Coriander Honey
18. Mangrove Honey (Sundarvan Forest)

Our Mentor

Situated in Jaipur (Rajasthan, India), Jaipur Bee Farm started as beekeepers in 2005.We have our source of honeybee products everywhere in the country and can provide a rich variety of honey, bees wax and bee pollen in bulk.

Quality Assurance

As a team, we are very familiar with the fact that we need to offer only the best quality products to the clients to become a successful name and achieve success in a quick time.

Why Us

Being beekeepers we have obtained expertise in this sector. We supply quality products to our customers.

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